Here at Guardian Outsource, we take care of the outsourcing for you!

Our job is to protect you against the hassle of poor over seas companies and sub-par quality. We have quality companies all over the world we have worked with extensively, and can provide quality at a great price!


With exceptional customer service, supply chain management, design assistance, and the drive and determination to be the best, we are more than qualified to aid you in your search for economical manufacturing.

Multi Axis CNC

Die Casting


Precision Sheet Metal

SLS Prototypes

SLA Prototypes

About Guardian

Concepts to prototypes through production, we have you covered. From our own family of manufacturing facilities in-state throughout our global network of partners. What ever manufacturing needs and requirements you may have, we have the expertise and resources to accommodate them.

It is our goal to make sourcing simple. Dealing with the selection and use of multiple vendors can be challenging while eating away at your time and resources including engineering, accounting and logistics bringing down your bottom line. Let Guardian consolidate these efforts for you. Commitment to quality control and delivery of your products are assured. Let Guardian protect your concepts, designs and products from substandard vendors.

Let our determination drive your success!

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